The tiniest steps we can take to achieving Sustainable Development (personally and as a group)

Hey guys, welcome back to the blog.

Today, I will be speaking on the need for us to be as actively involved in  sustainable development as we possibly can. Imagine living in a place where the air just feels crisp and clean or where going out and getting caught out in the rain doesn’t mean you have to swim back home in toxic waste products spewing from the overfilled gutters (I know that’s graphic, forgive me but I had to). We can have all these and more if we just put in a liittllee more  effort in taking care of the environment. I may sound like an environmental hippie but TRUST ME, this is important, especially considering the fact that the Nigerian Government are not clearly doing a lot in that regard.

Now, most of you (hopefully) know about sustainable development or may have heard it in passing and not know what its about, others may not have heard about it at all, so I’ll just give a BRIEF, don’t be scared, background about it so everyone will be up to speed.

According to something I got off the internet (which is TRUE), Sustainable Development is development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the need of the future generation to meet their own needs. In September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a set of 17 goals popularly known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in which all countries are to fully implement before 2030 ,side note, if the current leadership trend of Nigeria continues till then, well, Good luck Nigeria (If you ever watched Good luck Charlie, you would totally get this). These goals include:

  1. No poverty;
  2. Zero hunger;
  3. Good health and well being;
  4. Quality education;
  5. Gender equality;
  6. Clean water and Sanitation;
  7. Affordable and clean energy;
  8. Decent work and economic growth;
  9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure;
  10. Reduced inequalities;
  11. Sustainable cities and communities;
  12. Responsible consumption and production;
  13. Climate action;
  14. life below water;
  15. life on land;
  16. Peace and justice strong institutions;
  17. Partnership for the goals.

You may personally be invested in the other goals but for the purpose of this post, we are focusing on Goal 11.

So these are a few things you can do to make your community sustainable:

  1. DO NOT throw plastic on the streets, I mean dang people, If you just had a drink outside and its empty, either you throw the empty bottle in a bin near you or if you don’t find one immediately, hold it till you get home and throw it in your bin, For the love of all that is pure and Holy, do not throw it in the gutters.
  2. Turn off taps and ensure they don’t leak.
  3. Recycle your clothes. Donate them or use their fabric to make something else. The more you use, the less everyone needs to produce.
  4. Avoid long showers. I know it feels good… so good… but you gotta consider.
  5. Turn off the lights when they are not needed.
  6. Always be nice and show love to your neighbors.

This is all I have for now but there are still SO MANY other things that you can do to ensure we live in a sustainable community, google is ya friend.


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Getting my butterfly effect

Hello gawjus internet humans…and what not,  hope you guys have been good.

Now I don’t exactly know if my title today is correct, I was not a science student don’t judge me, but the way i understand it, the butterfly effect is a teeny tiny occurrence that gives way to this amazing thing that just blasts you into the world and gives you a whole lot of positive recognition… I think, like how Beyonce moved from DC to well…. BEYONCE.

Ever since the middle of last year, I started having major and I mean MAJOR panic attacks about the direction my life would take.

scared paper bag GIF by davidsaracino

I was in Law School preparing for my bar finals (scarring experiences if I might add) and one might think that the next thing.. the sensible thing , for me to do next would be to apply for a job in a law firm and get my life started…BUT… I have just always known that I was not supposed to spend the rest of my life working in a law office (Don’t ask me why I studied law, that’s a WHOLE other long a** story). And so I started having major panic attacks, I have one AT LEAST 3 times a month. But the thing is I have sooo many ideas that I would love to see come into fruition, but for them to come to, I need funds, where do I get the funds from? (Reason for panic attack #1). Alright I have to get a job and since I love travel and everything related, I’ll get a job in that field, I did that but then the pay is… not so much. What do I do??(Reason for panic attack #2).  I can barely use the pay to take care of myself talk less of bringing my ideas into fruition, Welp now I have to think of something to do for myself on the side, what can I do that will bring me enough money to survive and bring my ideas into the fruition?? (Reason for panic attack #3). Well, there’s business but I’m not a businessy person (Reason for panic attack #4), also how will I get the time to juggle my job and side business without jeopardizing both especially my job (Reason for panic attack #5).

From there I just spiral out of control into other random things including and not limited to, ‘Why am I getting fat but I don’t even get 3 sq. meals sometimes??’, ‘Why is my nose so big??’, ‘Kylie Jenner would be mad jealous of my lips and I don’t even want it’… but let’s not even go into the whole body image thing.

I am constantly thinking of the next big thing that I can do, the thing that will afford me the opportunity to give back to my society and help the little ones see how beautiful life can be even when it seems like pain never stops. I know that I have been blessed so far, I want to be able to show others around me that despite the situation, we are all blessed and we should try and see beauty and happiness everywhere.

For all those who don’t understand all the things that I just typed, most times I don’t either lol, its just my crazy thoughts pouring forth… don’t worry, I’m not high.

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Random Thoughts of the day

Wazzup fellow humans, millennials… and what not. How are y’all doing? U good? U straight? I really hope you are tho because I am struggling in these streets.

I saw somewhere on the internet, that adulthood is like looking at both sides of the road before crossing and then getting hit by an airplane… this relates so much to me but in my case, I got hit by a human being.

So a couple of weeks back, I was on my way to work…no I don’t use uber or taxify, I am broke af…  and I was waiting at the side of the road looking left and right for cars, bikes and most especially maruwas(trycicles) cus’ you know those guys be all up in yo business. After doing the prerequisite looking left, right and left again, the road was finally clear, so i took a step to get off the curb and then…


In case you still don’t get it, just imagine the sound of thunder, the type where it sounds like something is being ripped up in the skies.

That was the sound of my head coming into contact with some titches’ (this is not the word I wanted to use) big a** head like “TITCH, WHY IN THE TUCKING BELL ARE YOU WALKING IN FRONT OF ME…ON THE FREAKIN’ ROAD FOR THAT MATTER!!!” I was literally on the edge of the road, there was hella space at my back so why would you CHOOSE, at that time, to walk in front of me?!?!

I shit you not, for like 5 seconds I could not see, I literally had to hold (grip) her arm to steady myself, I had to keep feeling the side of my head to make sure there was no dent and nothing was out of place because that collision was huge *in Donald Trump’s voice*

And this is just one of those things that get me tucked up about being an adult in Lagos, you never really know how expensive it is to live until you have to start taking care of yourself, like real talk, to all them parents who have more than ONE KID, you guys deserve all the accolades in the world

The worst thing is I’m not even paying rent right now and I’m still broke af, I’m currently staying in this family house which SUCKS because any family member can just come in and stay for however long they want and its one bedroom, so I can’t avoid them.

Buying household provisions and food items is mad expensive, but what am I to do?? I can’t even cook in bulk because tuh, its Nigeria and electricity supply is as trustworthy as these nasty a** politicians, I ain’t got no generator because there’s no suitable place to put it and they might also tucking steal the generator because there are mad people in this Lagos, I can’t watch TV because we ain’t got cable, I’m not finna get fixated on Yoruba movies, not today son, not today. I stay watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reruns on my laptop (F.R.I.E.N.D.S. forever)

…In fact you know what, Imma just stop right here and go cry in a corner because adulthood got me tucked up right now.

Please leave comments on how you too are trying to ‘adult’ in these times wherever you are or whatever mehn, do whatever you gotta do, just….gimme a minute

International Passport Status

Hello  internet people, robots and what not. On today’s episode of ‘I’ve really got to put a post up on my blog’ (yo blogging is tough fam), I will be speaking on one of the most (if not the most important) item you need when taking a trip which is your International passport. Some passports are green, blue, red, etc according to your nationality, in Nigeria here, it is green. You can use just another valid type of identification when travelling but ONLY for intra-state flights (within the country), even at that some people still use their international passports.

Now, in case you did not know before, the different passports of the world have grades,  that is, there are some countries that you can have access to without acquiring a visa or just a visa-on-arrival, some country passports can get you visa free access to over a hundred countries (by the way, I am currently looking for hot guys who stay in such countries so I can marry them and have my own all access passport (evil grin) hehehe) , some countries on the other hand can’t even crack 50.

Nigeria, unfortunately falls under that category.

For the acclaimed ‘Giant of Africa’, our passport status is one of the poorest even in Africa with visa free/visa-on-arrival access to a measly 44 countries (yes, I know, I cried a little when I found out) I will put up another post on the countries which we have visa free access to, but for this post, I will be focusing on all other African countries that have better passport statuses than Nigeria, trust me, you will be SHOCKED, by some of them. These stats are according to the Henley Passport Index.

So fellow country people, grab a box of tissues and a blood pressure machine if you can, because the list begins:

  1. Djibouti and Democratic Republic of Congo- have access to 45 countries, yeah even Congo is better than us in this regard
  2. Cameroun, Burundi and Liberia- have access to 46 countries, yup our next door Boko- Haram- suffering neighbours too
  3. Equatorial Guinea and Algeria- have access to 48 countries
  4. Chad and Angola- have access to 49 countries
  5. Egypt and Guinea-Bissau- have access to 50 countries, I mean no shade to any of them but…really?!?!?
  6. Madagascar, Togo and Niger- have access to 52 countries
  7. Rwanda, Gabon and Mali- have access to 53 countries
  8. Mauritania, Burkina Faso and Mozambique- have access to 54 countries
  9. Ivory coast, Guinea and Senegal- have access to 55 countries
  10. Sao Tome & Principe has access to 57 countries
  11. Morocco and Benin repubic-have access to 58 countries
  12. Sierre Leone and Ghana- have access to 59 countries
  13. Uganda -has access to 61 countries
  14. Zimababwe and Zambia- have access to 62 countries
  15. Tunisia and Cape Verde-have access to 63 countries
  16. Tanzania and The Gambia- have access to 65 countries
  17. Kenya and Namibia-have access to 67 countries
  18. Malawi-has access to 68 countries
  19. Swaziland-has access to 69 countries
  20. Lesotho- has access to 70 countries, yup, a whooping 70, I bet some of you did not even know a country like Lesotho existed
  21. Botswana- has access to 72 countries
  22. South Africa- has access to 94 countries
  23. Mauritius- has access to 124 countries
  24. Seychelles- has access to 130 countries

These were my reactions when I discovered this unfortunate information:

I mean, you would expect the ‘Giant of Africa’ to be at least in the top 20 countries with good passport status in Africa but nope, WHERE DID WE GO WRONG LORDT!?!?! Yet some people on twitter and what not have the frigging guts to go insulting these other countries, lets just all be humble, sit down and build our nation’s credibility before we go mouthing off on the internet.

Oh yeah, another tiny depressing piece of information for us Nigerians, citizens of Botswana and Namibia have visa free access to the United Kingdom… let that marinate in your minds.


Travel 101

Wazzup fellow humans, millennials, robots… and what not. Today, I bring to you a gift. ‘Ooohh, what kind of gift?’ you might ask, well my dears, I bring the gift of information and knowledge… please don’t throw me away like DJ Jazzy Jeff

But for reals now, it’s one thing to say you want to travel, its another thing to actually prepare and go on the trip (well duh). I will be providing you with the basics of preparing to go on a journey , be it to visit , study or for business. I have divided these nuggets into 5 and they are:

  1. Documents:

The most important documents you will need when travelling either locally or internationally are your International passport(international trips) or ID cards(local trips) and your ticket…because duh. Now depending on where you are travelling to, a visa is another very important document, you can get into some countries without a visa while you need visas to get into some. This can be  gotten from the embassy or consulate of the country you want to travel to. Another document that might be needed is the ‘Yellow card’, which is a certification of vaccination , this is especially needed when visiting African countries. It is very important that you do your research on the country you want to visit in order to ensure you have settled all the requirements. Once you have all these document in check, you are good to go, the other preparation stages become easy peasy. And uh…another piece of important , DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOCUMENTS AT HOME, you will be shocked at the number of people that that just pack their bags, get to the airport and realize they left the documents on their bedside table, if possible, when you have all your documents ready, put them along side photocopies in a safe place inside the bag you plan to carry, it should be the first thing you pack… along with underwear but that’s a whole other thing.

2. Packing responsibly:

I know there are some of you here that love to take your entire closet along with you for a trip, yes I’m talking to you, just stop it OK? I mean if you take everything with you, where will you keep all the awesome new stuff you’re going to get  and I KNOW you do not want pay for excess luggage. So pack light and only absolutely necessary stuff – maybe 2 pairs of jeans, OR a pair of jeans and shorts OR a skirt, a gown probably, a few tops- it depends on where you are going and how long you will be there anyway but the advise remains, pack responsibly!!

3. Medications:

This is very important too, especially medications like pain killers or the ones for tummy aches and other… sorts of distress. This advise is important especially when trying out new cuisine, you would not want to be the person gripping his/her stomach trying to explain to a local pharmacist (who speaks a different language) for some stomach alleviation pills and he keeps handing you gummy bears or the ‘morning after’ pills. Nah fam, better safe than sorry. Also make sure tho that you pack the drugs properly in your suitcase or bag in well labeled tubes or sachets.


As you can see this one is in capital letters, this cannot be emphasized enough. You should be at the airport AT LEAST an hour before your flight, be it local or international. You are not a magician or the flash (If you are tho, hit me up, I have questions), you cannot predict the events that may or may not go down on your way to the airport or even at the airport itself. Its better to have time to spare in the airport before your flight than to be in panic mode over whether you will miss your flight. This advice is for everybody but especially for those who stay far away from the airport or those in places that are prone to heavy traffic leading to the airport.

5. Be aware:

Before going on a trip, it would not hurt to do some digging on the recent events that have been going on in the place you are travelling to, for example, violent outbreaks, disease outbreaks, etc. Some countries do give warnings to their citizens about visiting certain countries, like the US warning her citizens about visiting North Korea or other war torn/conflict countries. It would also be nice if you do a little research on the culture of the place you are visiting, for example, in the UAE, PDA is frowned upon and could possibly get you arrested. It is very important to respect the culture of wherever you are visiting because I’m pretty sure you would blow a gasket if someone disrespected yours.

All in all, always be prepared when going on a trip, don’t be the person with the confused expression holding up the line at the check-in counter.

So folks, that is all I have for you today, do not hesitate to leave comments or opinions… or both about this post and I will see you soon… hopefully.


Expectations vs. Reality: Travel blogging

Hola mis amigos

On today’s episode of ‘Expectations vs Reality’, I will be spilling on some of the expectations I had before starting this blog. I had actually been thinking of starting this blog for a really long time and then one day I was riding on the high of the movie “The Greatest Showman” and I finally decided… Let’s do this and I set off to my laptop. First of all, finding the perfect name was HELL, not to talk of deciding on the hosts and all the other crap. Sha sha, I finally got here and then reality hit, this sh*t is not what I expected. I mean, I knew it wouldn’t be all peachy but damn…I know some of you who read other blogs might see posts like this one but you should still read mine… please

So here are the expectations I had before reality gave me an upper cut and bitch slapped my a**:

  1. Expectation: ‘Alright *cracks knuckles* time to get this show on the road, I have so many ideas for content to show to the millions of followers I’m about to have’

Reality: *crickets chirping in my head* …What sorcery is this??

2. Expectation: I’m going to visit all these really cool places in Nigeria and then the rest of the world starting with Lagos to show people all the amazing touristy hang-out spots, yasss

Reality: *opens wallet and a moth flies out* …well damn

3. Expectation: I’m going to go out and network with other awesome travel/tourism enthusiasts and together we will rock the travel industry

Reality: *shies away from any and all human contact because I am the most socially awkward person you will ever meet*

4. Expectation: I’m going to set up an account to save up for personal trips, professional camera and what not to make my blog uber awesome

Reality: *turns on light in the bedroom, it flickers and goes off, hears the transformer down the street give a little bang and then total darkness, I see the bills on the table, etc, looks up to the heavens* … I’m guessing that’s a no…

5. Expectation: I’m going to be very consistent in putting up posts, probably once every week

Reality: *opens blog January 2018* *a month later* I knew I was forgetting something, I have a blog


Each post will be 6 months apart or 6 in one month…it whatevs


…Don’t judge me

The Journey Begins

The name is In Transit…Pegasus In Transit (insert really intense blue steel look) aka a dump yard for my semi-filtered thoughts. I say semi-filtered because I swear a lot in my thoughts (try it, I swear it makes life more fun) so I have to filter it a bit here because I don’t know who’s reading (close the tab Mom).

Soo, first posts huh? always a bit awkward and annoying thinking of what to write, psyching yourself out wondering if this first post will make or break your blog… whew (wipes sweat from eyes), there’s no pressure.

I’ll just start off with my reasoning behind the name ‘Pegasus In Transit’. I chose the name because as some of you mythological nerds will know, Pegasus is a mythological creature, specifically a winged horse with magical powers, I mean how awesome is that, one myth even says her  (Don’t say anything, Pegasus is a GIRL) hooves dug out a spring, Hippocrene which blessed those who drank it’s water with the ability to write poetry, you’re welcome( yes, I got this from Wikipedia, don’t judge me) . I relate so much with Pegasus because I am a magical creature (I really am tho) and I have come to bless you with my random life nuggets which may make you laugh, angry or just downright confused. Additionally, Pegasus has wings which means sis can go anywhere she damn well pleases, we’re not similar in that regard but I strongly aspire to be plus I’m a travel agent/consultant so you know… it totally follows.

For the ‘In Transit’ part, I am constantly on the move ergo ‘in transit’. Apart from moving from place to place, I’m also moving from one life stage to another as are the rest of you, so this will just be my outlet to vent about those little curveballs that life just loovveess to fling at you.

So basically this is Pegasus In Transit,you’ll love it, you’ll hate it, you’ll get all the feels about it, stay tuned because it is about to go craazyy up in this motherfluffer.

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton